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“LoNOx” Burners (Low-NOx), Combustion Air Recirculation (Mod. SRG) or Fuel Staging (Mod. SRX).
Floor and Side Wall Burners suitable for Gas and/or Oil firing under Natural or Forced Draft mode.
Studies, Revamping, Upgrades, Modification and Spare Parts (See more at SERVICES Section)

Samia® Italia Srl is the Exclusively authorized firm to design and sell LoNOx Burners named SRG & SRX.

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Thousands of Units Currently Installed and Operational Worldwide
Furthermore We supply Spare Parts, Study And Analyze Your Existing Burners

SRX® Burner

“SRX” burner, utilizes a consolidated combustion method called “Self-fuel diluting” which, without diminishing any combustibility, effectively combines the two most powerful reducing mechanisms to drastically Lower NOx emissions:

  • A) Flue Gas Recirculation
  • B) Multi-Port Fuel Injection

“SRX” burner has an extremely compact construction. As schematically shown below fuel is ejected through a Central Primary Fuel Nozzle and Four Peripherical Secondary Fuel Tips, while all the combustion air flows through the burner tile, allowing the Primary and Secondary combustion zone to be formed within the flame itself . In the Primary zone, a high temperature area is formed, stabilizing flames in the Secondary zone, obtaining a Super Low NOx performance. The “SRX” type gas burner produces a short, round flame and it’s designed to operate under Natural or Forced draft condition

SRX GAS FIRING BURNERS (click for charts and sketches)

SRG® Burner

The “SRG” burner , without requiring any special power , recirculates air and part of the combustion products into the jet energy of fuel . Thus this is called on the “Self Recirculating Gasification” (SRG) burner. As the attached illustration shows , air and high temperature combustion products are introduced into the tile by the jet energy of fuel so that partial combustion and endo-thermic gas reaction takes place . NOx is drastically reduced by the effects of both flue gas recirculation and three stages combustion.

SRG COMBINATION FIRING BURNER (click for charts and sketches)

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