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Flares Solution

Elevated Flares: Self-Supported, Guy-Wired or Derrick Supported. (Stationary and Mobile Flares)
Subsonic Flare Tips with Steam-Assisted or Air-Assisted Smoke Suppression System (Smokeless).
Sonic Flare System, Single and MULTIARMS Solutions.
Horizontal Pit Flares, Multi-Point and Enclosed Ground Flaresoffshore flares
Cold Flares (Vent Stacks, Including Double Wall Vents)
Relevant Fire Fighting Systems and CO2 Snuffing System.
All Type of Ignition System, Monitoring and Control Systems.


  • Chemical plants /Petrochemical plants / Refineries
  • Gas pipelines and distribution / ​Upstream operations
  • Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas production


Design,test and numerical analysis

In Samia Italia, to make sure we deliver the best solutions to our customers, we evaluate each major flare system, and perform various test and analysis, on our flare systems. These testing helps make sure safe, efficient and concrete flare operation. Moreover, our engineers are able to perform comprehensive numerical analysis and modeling including CFD analysis and modeling to provide a prediction of flow, mixing, and combustion in flare flames. Our engineers furthermore use numerical modelling, sophisticated and proven software alongside CFD tools to evaluate flare performance and environmental impacts. Another area of expertise of Samia Italia is to perform reverse engineering, modeling, modification, retrofitting and upgrading on an existing solution to replace any flaring solution, guaranteed by Samia Italia’s proven expertise for decades.s.

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